How effective is Instagram Marketing? (2020)

How effective is Instagram Marketing

Instagram was once a popular app used for connecting with friends and family.

Now, it has developed into a powerful marketing tool for businesses across the world.

Are you also surprised when you find an ad for a similar product on Instagram you were searching the web for?

There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram.

This number is growing with each second.

Hence, it provides an enormous platform to reach your target audience. Instagram Marketing is effective and credible.

It is the best way to get the attention of your customers in an authentic way.

It will help you expand on tremendous scales.

These 1 billion users aren’t just active, they engage with this platform on a regular basis.

The app developers are taking full advantage of this engagement.

They are invariably rolling out updates to keep the users hooked!

Mark Zukerberg is leaving no stone unturned to attract businesses to adopt Instagram!

So why are you waiting at the end of the line?

There is no better time to add Instagram Marketing in your strategy to expand globally.

More than 72% of users have purchased a product that they saw on this online platform.

Now, if you are living in the neanderthal age and have no clue about what exactly do we mean by Instagram Marketing.

Keep reading!

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is the term given to the way in which Instagram is used by brands.

They use it to reach their target audience and market their services.

It is a recently developed form of marketing that allows a business to connect with their audience.

With growing opportunities, it has also become a hub for job-seekers and interns.

Instagram is being used as a marketing tool effectively.

Almost 200 million users on Instagram visit at least one business profile each day.

Brands and app developers are working hand in hand to develop this tool.

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, your business needs to be on Instagram to develop globally.

At this stage, you know what Instagram Marketing is, and it is important for the growth of your brand.

Now, you won’t be the first if you find this app a little overwhelming because of it’s numerous features.

We are on a problem-solving spree here so let us get into the basics of Instagram Marketing.

The basics of Instagram Marketing

Why is Instagram Important for Your Business?

Proper efforts and consistent strategy are the keys to make it big on this platform.

The competition is real and you need to do your best to stand out to your audience.

I researched the best ways to get started with Instagram marketing to help you.

I have listed the fruits of my efforts down below for you to reap:

A complete profile

You need to switch to a business profile on Instagram and optimize it to the maximum.

An eye-catching profile picture, a bio that compels the user to know more and an attractive feed will do wonders for your brand.

Make sure you fill in all the required information and keep updating it with the changes.

Nobody dislikes outdated things than this Instagram generation!

Follow relevant businesses

Look for accounts in your field that have a large audience and engagement.

Follow and interact with them to learn what are they doing differently to engage users.

Incorporate these things into your strategy and plans.

Hashtags! Hashtags

We need to put more emphasis on using hashtags as they allow users to find your account on Instagram.

Use hashtags that are common in your field and industry to reach that target audience.

Once your profile starts attracting consumers, you can even create your own hashtags!

Be regular

Your moral science teacher in school was not wrong to put emphasis on punctuality.

Whether it is life or Instagram marketing you need to be regular with your efforts to grow.

Find the frequency of posts and content that might work with your audience and stick to it.

Create engaging content and be regular with it.

Build online relationships


Don’t laugh, I am not kidding!

You need to interact and build relationships with influential accounts in your field.

This way they can share your content and promote you without any added costs.

You will be able to create a network of influential business that will help each other to grow and expand.

Instagram Ads

Mobile ADs

These advertisements will help you target the audience that you need with the help of the Instagram Algorithm.

These paid promotions will do wonders for you by helping your business appear in the feed of who needs it the most.

Take these points as a starting point of your own path through this wondrous tool for marketing.

Experiment and find ways that work for you.

Who knows maybe one day you will be writing blogs on your successful brand!

Let’s pause for a second, you may have noticed that I used the word Instagram Algorithm.

It is an important tool to utilize in your strategy.

Acing it would mean opening a lot of doors into the perfect marketing success.

Let’s dive into the depth of this word!

How to use the Instagram Algorithm in 2020?


Instagram Algorithm is an ever-changing mystery. It is utilized correctly, it can result in a brilliant marketing tool.

Earlier, Instagram used chronology to show posts and ads in your feed.

It was a remarkably simple way of showing what was posted earliest to the latest.

This didn’t work for long as the number of posts and users grew considerably.

So Instagram adopted its own algorithm in 2016.

The Instagram algorithm is basically how the app decides to show you on the top of your feed.

It is based on your engagement and interactions, so it is constantly evolving.

It can be extremely beneficial to catch the attention of your audience if you learn to work your way around it.

Here are some points that may work for you in this process.

Post on schedule

Running out of Time

The first way to ace this algorithm is to post more and on a predictable schedule.

You can use several scheduling tools like Combin, SEMrush, Onlypult, etc.

This will maintain an even frequency between your posts.

Consequently, helping you to appear in searches and feeds of more users.

Use analytical tools


Once you have a post calendar on schedule, you need to tightly observe the analytics of all the posts.

You can use the built-in analytics of Instagram Business Tools or any reliable third-party app.

These will tell you which post and type of content are engaging more audiences?

What is the accurate time when the engagement is at its maximum?

If your theme and design are working or do you need any change?

Engage with the audience


As you interact with your audience more, your profile will surface up with the algorithm.

You can do so via some contests, engaging the audience, answering their DMs, and comments, etc.

Collaborate with brands

Trust Credible

Instagram Business rolled out a new feature recently.

You can highlight the posts that are paid-partnerships and collaborations.

Join forces with other brands and promote each other’s content.

You can even pay influencers to advertise your products on their feed. 

As I mentioned before, Instagram constantly develops its Algorithm so it is important to keep up.

Always learn about new updates and try to make your profile as visible and appealing as possible. 

How to make your profile appealing?

The more visually appealing your profile and content is, the more chances there are for engagement.

You have to decide the kind of design your brand wants to represent and stick to it for all types of content.

Now, let’s go over a list of steps you can follow to ensure this.

1. Color scheme

You need to formulate a palette of color schemes that goes with the ideas and aesthetics of your brand.

Nobody looks at posts with mismatched and irrelevant color and buy that product.

So, develop a color scheme that reflects your brand in the most pleasing and engaging way.

Make them want to click on that follow button for more!

2. Make some space

Do not bombard your followers and customers with all the important posts all at once.

Plan your feed so that all your posts blend together giving the user space to think and want more.

3. Be consistent with your aesthetic

Use a set of filters and editing tools for your feed to make it look well-planned and elegant.

Consistency with an aesthetic will drive more eyes to your products and services.

4. Use IG Stories, IGTV, and Reels

Try to maintain the same color scheme and aesthetic in all your stories, Igtvs, and the brand new reels.

Using all these features will drive more buyers to your products and services.

As you must have gathered until now, Instagram has developed into this huge marketing space for brands.

Even though it is exceptionally successful, it is still trying to update and grow more.

You can learn from this approach for always growing and learning. 

All the Instagram brands having millions of followers started with a count of 0 and grew remarkably. 

The correct approach has helped businesses to grow into multi-million dollar ventures. 

Yours can be next!

I have discussed the fundamentals of Instagram Marketing.

Now, that ball of creativity is in your court.

Practice, experiment, and score your own points with strategy. 

Instagram has become this effective because it listens to its users, we want to do the same.

Let us know in the comments section if I helped you in any way.

We will appreciate and learn from any feedback you leave here.

All the best for your Instagram

Marketing journey!

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